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heart breaking

Rachel Allison

What a pounding the time-honored institution of marriage is getting these days.  We could blame the gay movement, and have justification for doing so.  But there have been some high-profile reminders these last few days of just how far the disregard for marriage vows and personal integrity have plunged.

If only those caught up with the excitement of the lustful moment could fast forward to see the heartbreak and humiliation that always accompany such selfish and reckless lack of personal responsibility…Surely the decision would be to flee the temptation and think more seriously about the ramifications of infidelity.

On May 8 North Carolina voters are going to the polls to vote for or against Amendment One, which would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage in their state.  In the next seven days we’ll read and hear a lot about this amendment and its potentially harmful impact, legal and otherwise.  We who strongly advocate marriage between one man and one woman will be listening and watching all the news coming from North Carolina.

Have we been as attentive over the past seven days as the damning testimony in the John Edward’s trial has come to light? We are quick to cry “foul” and promote legislation to stop homosexuals and, in our minds, their disregard for the sanctity of marriage.  But where is the vocal outrage when infidelity between a husband and wife undermines the sacredness of the institution we hold dear.

We have heard repeatedly the moral arguments against homosexuality, including the label of “abomination.” Doesn’t infidelity deserve such a label?

I wonder what ridicule and contempt a legislator would receive if he tried to introduce a bill that would ban betrayal, disloyalty, lies, selfishness and deceit?

Most don’t want to have government that deeply involved in legislating our behaviors. And I agree.

What I don’t agree with is the banning of the Ten Commandments that remind us of how we can live lives free from selfishness and misplaced priorities. When the government chooses to ban the Ten Commandments, it then has to deal with legislation that tries to pick up the pieces of broken lives. It has become a vicious cycle that will get larger and more destructive as the values that our forefathers believed in become more and more “outdated.”

Seriously…look around at the real heartbreak and broken lives all around us.  How many are a result of the breaking of one or more of the Ten Commandments? You can dismiss them if you want…but seriously…