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July 25, 2023

by Micol Collins

The title of this article refers to quality science, the type that truly inquires and asks questions no one is at the moment allowed to ask. For example, questions about gender ideology. When courageous scientists use science to advance correct knowledge and understanding, we can end up discovering that what the mainstream media is trying to push us to accept is not true after all. 

For example, A blog article published by Duke University Press analyzed data from UK’s databases collecting information on British citizen’s sexual identity and concluded the following: 

  1. The pattern of sexual identity fluidity (to be intended as changes on how one perceives themselves and presents themselves to society) is not linear as currently assumed, rather it is concave with peaks in mid-late adolescence and among the 65+ population.
  2. The fluidity of changes is elusive to measurements.
  3. Sexual identity mobility is more of a time varying population characteristic than a static one.
  4. Different measures of sexual identity mobility affect its understanding differently.

These findings have suggested two points to me: a) fluidity is in actuality more of a matter of individual agency than biological constraint, and b) the issues confronting the LGBTQIA+ movement are truly indicative of a minority problem, and therefore not subject to generalization in the larger population. With respect to point a), the research article found that “[…] overall, 6.6% of respondents changed their sexual identity reports over the six-year period” and that “[…] among those with a different-sex partner, only 0.1% switched into a same-sex relationship, while 5.7% of those with a same-sex partner switched into a different-sex relationship”. Switching is a but a synonym of changing, and one that a person likely decides to make. As for point b), the research’s percentages are quite small suggesting at most that 1 in 10 individuals change their sexual identity over the course of their life. It’s worth mentioning that the researchers made efforts to avoid social desirability bias and to obtain a varied sample that was representative of the British population. 

These considerations should reinforce the notion that the big debate surrounding family issues brought about by the LGBTQIA+ movement is not a trend that can be popularized. The majority is heterosexual, and among those who have some sort of gender confusion, a majority veers towards heterosexual identity and relationships.

The article’s purpose is not to explain reasons why there are some who are confused about their gender; however, it reveals to me the fact that if people do “switch”, then there must be a persuading factor that helps these individuals make that choice. 

The most staggering point against progressive gender ideologies is science itself, particularly that there are no reliable and universal diagnostic criteria other than an individual’s personal feelings. Feelings are not always representative of reality. Ask yourself to be objective when you feel depressed, scared, agitated, or anxious. When confused, how can anyone be asked to make a life altering decision like establishing their gender for life? Yet, this is what gender activists want you to do! They hope you will make that type of decision because you are confused. If that’s not exploitative and disrespectful of human dignity, I don’t know what that is.

Society can stand up to activism that is seeking to exploit children, adults, and elderly individuals in vulnerable emotional states to make drastic changes to their biological identity. One valuable tool in our hands is to learn to normalize what’s truly normal rather than what’s pathological. Furthermore, it becomes easier to be brave and resist gender ideology bullies when individuals aggregate with peers who understand the issue and have better knowledge than the activists do. Seek out support groups that align with the truth, as they can be a great source of courage, knowledge, and protection against gender ideology.


Micol Collins is currently in her senior year at BYU-Idaho. She plans to graduate in the Fall of 2023 with a degree in Marriage and Family Studies, and then obtain a Master’s in Public Administration. She enjoys writing music, hiking, fishing, playing basketball and just staying active with her children and husband. She and her husband are the parents of three children.