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Tomorrow is the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR).  As we sit comfortably in our homes throughout the world, we may wonder “Why should I care about that?  What effect does this have on me? ”

Sixty years ago, after the conclusion of World War II, the world came together and recognized the atrocities that had been committed against mankind.  A world body was established, the United Nations, which wholeheartedly accepted the wording in this document as the governing principles by which all governments and people should live by.

This document stated that “the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”  It states that marriage between a man and a woman is a protected human right.  It states that freedom of religion and the opportunity to practice that religion is a human right.

Tomorrow United Families will stand with others in the pro-family coalition to announce to the world that these principles are still valid, relevant and should NOT be changed.  Tomorrow we will tell the world that despite the loud voices of the opposition, we will not be deterred in fighting to defend this document and its original intent.  
Tomorrow International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International will also be speaking to the world.  They will be demanding that the UNDHR be interpreted to include the right to abortion.  They will say that access to abortion is a human right and the UNDHR should be interpreted as such.

Tomorrow the delegation from France will introduce a declaration at the UN General Assembly that will attempt to legitimize all homosexual activities as a fundamental human right.  They will be demanding that sexual orientation and gender identity be protected as a human right.

Tomorrow is an important day.  Tomorrow should be a celebration of the family, freedom of religion, and marriage between a man and a woman.  Tomorrow should be a declaration that 60 years ago the United Nations stood up for what is most important.  Tomorrow should be a time to remember the hope, goodwill and triumph that can come when the world stands and says that there are human rights everyone should be guaranteed.  Tomorrow we should all feel safe that our families, marriages and religions will be protected because of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

But, instead, tomorrow will just be another day on the battlefield.  Tomorrow will be another day when those who wish to destroy the family will make another attempt.  They will use deception as their weapon.  Their desire is to create a genderless society that is run by the state – void of religion, marriage and parents.

In order for the tomorrows of the future to provide hope for families around the world you must care about what happens at the United Nations! When you are going through your day tomorrow, please take a moment to consider how this document has affected your life and what might be changed if the opposing forces are successful.  Please take a moment to consider why what happens at the United Nations does matter and does impact your life.

Please stand with United Families International and make a donation today to help us as we continue the battle on behalf of you, your family, your religion, the sanctity of life and marriage between a man and a woman.

Beverly Rice, UFI President

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