Your Support Is Needed

Your Support Is Needed

FamilyStudiesAs the season ends, it is apparent that the work of defending families has never been so relevant. The blatant attempt at the United Nations and around the world to promote the pervasive and expansive use of abortion has kept us very busy, as has the continued attacks on marriage, parental rights and national sovereignty.

It is no secret that the current United States leadership has affected everyday business at the United Nations. What was previously difficult to achieve, is now a concerted effort that has allowed the floodgates of anti-family policies to begin to open.  We have been at the United Nations fighting, but we need your help to keep that movement at bay.

United Families International, a premier international family organization, has fought for the family for over 30 years. The family is
the fundamental unit of society and deserves protection from destructive policies.

There is no doubt that the voice of the family is needed now more
than ever. This year has been more challenging than most. However, the leadership that United Families has proven to be effective, even in these difficult times of adversity.

As we prepare for the next season of work, we reflect on the leadership brought to you so far this year. United Families has dug in deep to continue our legacy of working to protect the family and the valuable benefits it brings to society. This list is a shortened version, but will give you an idea of why your support now – for our continued work is so necessary:

1.    Distributed hundreds of our valuable Guides to Family Issues full of social science research.

2.    Participated in several United Nations conferences where we helped to educated delegates and attendees.

3.    Partnered with the World Congress of Families V, in Amsterda, where United Families facilitated a session, hosted a booth and shared literature and educational materials with hundreds of attendees from around the world.

4.    Sent over two million emails educating readers on important and timely issues, and motivated readers like you to become involved and make a difference.

5.    Educated and informed you on issues like the U.S. Healthcare Reform, Strong Families Promote Good Fiscal Policy, Attacks on Marriage, Your Parental Rights Under Attack, The Harms of Pornography, and more.

6.    Kept you updated on important news from around the globe using our weekly email alerts, Facebook, Twitter, Voice of the Nation talk radio, and the United Families Blog.

7.    Distributed our valuable United Nations Negotiating Guide to eager recipients. The Negotiating Guide is considered the leading source of pro-family language used for UN documents and treaties.

8.    Worked and collaborated with national and international coalition members to unify efforts to protect the family.

9.    Promoted the work of our affiliate chapters.  UFI’s message reaches untold numbers around the world.

10.    UFI continues to strengthen our educational Stay Alive HIV/AIDS prevention program.  A highly anticipated 5 in 1 manual, expert evaluation program and a new Stay Alive Executive Board organization have all contributed to an expanded effort to reach African families suffering with the AIDS epidemic.

In order to continue our work, we need your financial backing.

Our work at United Families increases everyday.  The social and political pressures to radically reforme the family and values that uphold the family are under attack as never before.  As a consequence activites levels that were good enough in the past are no longer good enough to continue the fight into the future.  We recognize that donors want their money spent on the issues that affect them and their families.  At United Families, every dollar of your donation is used judiciously to continue the fight against the forces that seek to destroy the family.

We depend completely on individual donors – like you. We are planning our strategy for the coming year and need your support.

Fighting against abortion is not free.
Fighting against the radical homosexual political adgenda is not free
Fighting to preserve the rights of the family is not free.

Please make a donation today of $25, $50, $100, $500 or $1000.  Your contributions will be used to fight marriage amendment battles, file amicus briefs in parental rights cases, and work with pro-family countries at the UN to stop the abortion rights and gay rights agendas.

Please help us today!  We know these issues are important to you.

We know you want to decide how to raise your children.

We know you do not want gay marriage taught in schools.

We know you do not want total access to abortion.

We know you want to enjoy religious freedom.

These are freedoms that come at a price.  The opposition is very well funded and well organized.  Your support will help us fight against them.  Donate $25, $50, $100, $500 or $1000 to United Families today.

You can make an online donation of $25, $50, $100, $500 or $1000, call our office at (877) 435-7834, print this form and mail a check, or donate using PayPal.  Please make a generous donation today.

Together, we can truly make a difference.

United Families International

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