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ufilogoLaura Bunker, United Families Utah Chapter President

My Family:

The family is dear to me, partly because mine did not come easily.  I’ve been married 29 years, and my husband Steve and I have two beautiful daughters—both adopted.  Our youngest, Mary is in high school, and our oldest, Rebecca was recently married.

Why protect the family?

Watching my married daughter begin her new life has underscored to me the importance of the family in sharing values, responsibilities, and practical support.  It’s how our society passes the baton from one generation to the next.  It’s how our civilization keeps going.   Family is not just about the needs and wants of adults. It’s about preparing the way for the next generation, and the next. Maintaining the definition of marriage, the sanctity of life, and the obligation of parents, is critical for the success of future generations.

How can everyday people get involved in the fight for family values?

There is something everyone can do to help strengthen the family.  It may start with something as simple as hugging your children every day.  You can study the issues, and discuss them with your family and friends. Help them find answers to their questions. (unitedfamilies.org is a great resource) Sign up for United Families’ free newsletters and forward them on.  Let people know where you stand and why.  Write to your state Representative and Senator, and urge them to uphold the traditional family.  You can even join United Families with a $30.00 membership, or contribute more if you can.

Sometimes people feel hesitant to join in this effort because they feel their own family life is less than perfect. You don’t have to havean ideal family to fight for the “ideal of the family”.  The noun “ideal” means a principle, model, pattern, or goal.  The “ideal of the family” is worth every effort in our homes, and in our nation.  

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