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UN Logo*Another in UFI’s series of blog posts from the young adults attending the UN High Level Meeting on Youth.  This time from a mother  who accompanied the youth group. 

By Kerri Davenport

It was interesting to attended the General Assembly where delegates of countries were given five minutes to speak of the needs their nation has for their youth (defined as 10 years to 25 years old).  Many ran over their allotted time and were reminded by the moderator from Luxembourg to finish up so others could have their time.

Most delegates and guests said the same things: youth need education, vocational training, jobs, the opportunity to participate in decision-making process in parliament, processes to end human trafficking,  youth empowerment programs, and other lofty ideals.  I didn’t hear possible solutions to these societal issues, just many delegates following one after another saying essentially the same things in their time to speak.

Before our trip to the United Nations, I knew from reading reports by United Families International about the UN and the anti-family agenda many delegates and international groups advance, but I had no concept of how much idea lockstep would exist among those who presented at the UN side events.   At one side event sponsored by International Planned Parenthood Federation, comprised of a panel of young adults reporting on the programs they have helped implement in their various countries, I heard over and over how youths are not subjects, but citizens of their country who have the right and need to:

“have open dialog”, “break the cycle of gender stereotypes and roles”, “create social and gender justice”, “help all youth know their rights”, “change notions of masculinity and pressure to conform to gender norms”, “have youth participate in making decisions in parliament”, and my personal favorite: “In their own realities” youth need to recognize their individual rights.  “Youth can recognize their own needs.”

Not mentioned were responsibilities citizens have to protect their own and others’ rights.

The opportunity to attend this “world youth conference” helped open my eyes to the destructive designs many of the groups have who associate with the United Nations.  I am grateful for the efforts of friends and defenders of the family, such as United Families International, who help regular citizens be informed of what is said and adopted at the United Nations.