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This was the title of a side event at the UN CSW.  If that doesn’t prick your interest, it gets better.  Topic of discussion was “breaking the institutional barriers of cultural texts”. The reconstructionist Rabbi, Alissa Wise,a Jewish feminist who has worked for planned parenthood, is reclaiming Jewish tradition supported by quotes from the Bible and using it to push her personal agenda.

In her handout the scripture of Luke 8 was used where a woman had been suffering from an issue of blood and was healed.  The conclusion was this:  “Her healing was the result of her initiative to break the barriers of religious and cultural taboos.  She explored the possibilities and worked out a significant action in the midst of discouragements in the name of sex and gender and prejudices towards the reproductive health issues of women.”

The radio host, Facia Harris, also a feminist is the producer of an all girl radio program in Liberia that allows females to speak out about their issues. No guys allowed!

The rapper!  Well what can be said about Garrett Quinton Braaf, aka “G-Quiunn”?  He engages the art of hip-hop to provide life affirming messages dedicated to the principles of equality.

This was an hour of education for a 19 year old college student that doesn’t get out much!

Heather Sanders

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