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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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ufilogoThe organization of the United Nations began in 1945 by nations that were predominantly democratic. Membership to the UN has never come with a democratic prerequisite; however, some 60 years later, the majority of the United Nations member states are not developed or full-fledged democracies. The consequence of these socialist policies, organizational structures and UN goals is deep-rooted and profoundly concerning.

Outraged by barbarous acts of World War II, one of the first documents to emerge from the newly formed organization was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s clearly stated words declared that the UN would be the world’s watch dog of transgressors of human dignity and freedom. The UN was set up to play a critical role in the fostering of world peace, universal human rights and fundamental freedom for all.

Instead, 60 years later, the UN has turned from an organization that was to insure international peace and secure human rights and dignity for all, to an institution concerned about women’s rights over human rights, gender equality instead of “equal rights of men and women”, and reproductive health rights, as opposed to literacy and clean water as outlined in the UN Charter.

There are four separate women’s entities within the UN:

  • The Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW)
  • The Office of the Special Advisor on Gender Issues and the Advancement of Women (OSAGI)
  • The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)
  • The International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW).

Each is engaged in women empowerment and strategies to advocate for gender equality, which is defined as women’s equality. Gender experts abound in every sector of the UN dedicated to women’s issues. The newest push by the leftist feminists is to create a monolithic women’s office called The GEAR Campaign (Gender Equality Architecture Reform).

As described by REAL Women of Canada, “GEAR is a massive lobby movement of groups, individuals, and even delegations, in support of the creation of such a UN entity. For anyone familiar with the UN, this is enough to send shivers up and down the spine, because what they are asking for is no less than a heavily funded social police squad run by radical career feminists.”

Make no mistake, United Famlies has been working at the UN for over 30 years and we have seen no genuine coordinated effort to address the real human rights needs of the world; specifically the needs of children, men and women, and of families. The focus of UN entities is always tilted on the side of women – but for the wrong purpose.

GEAR, if formulated and funded will be operated by radical feminists who see women as victims of a patriarchal society. This wrong-headed simplification takes away from the real issues that need to be addressed, like maternal health, clean water, and education; the exploitation of women, the sex trade industry and so forth. Instead, these moronic mavens of anti-motherhood make a mockery of the women’s rights movement when they call Irish women oppressed because they are forced to celebrate Mother’s Day.

To put it bluntly, those driving the UN agenda need to point the finger of blame where it belongs – tyrannical governments, ongoing conflicts, and economic castes. Instead they fault patriarchy, religion, marriage, motherhood, and heterosexuality. Any woman who defends societal building blocks is said to be a traitor – or an “anti-women” woman. The so-called women’s liberation movement is disingenuous. These radicals do not want to liberate women; they want to revolutionize women and change society. Until now, this radical movement has not had much success at the national level.

President Obama of the United States has even joined the movement by creating a new governmental entity called the Council and Women and Girls. He claimed in his deliverance speech while signing the Executive Order that women’s rights are family rights, yet he creates another layer of government oversight in the name of women, when in fact, the family is where the focus should be.

The GEAR Campaign has started circulating a petition that they are planning on presenting to the Secretary General of the UN this year. Not only do the forces behind the GEAR movement declare their motives for expansion of the UN, increase funding and reforming national laws and policies, they want more power…and lots of it.