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ufilogoWe were successful!!! Two weeks of concentrated negotiating, conjoling, writing, lobbying, and supporting have come to an end. At the conclusion of the 53rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), many in the pro-family coalition had slept less than four hours during the final 48 hours. But, it was worth it! We were able to remove the six references to “reproductive health services” (abortion) and insert six references to “family”!! This was a significant success! At one point there were no references to the family at all!

The final three days were blurred into one long day as the delegates worked until 2 a.m. on Wednesday and until 7:30 a.m. on Thursday. The delegates, and those of us who had stayed up all night with them, had only two hours to prepare for the final round of negotiations on Friday. Negotiations became so intense on Thursday night that delegates from pro-family nations would need to leave the room to get rejuvenated by the support and nourishment brought by our small coalition of pro-family organizations. The large International Planned Parenthood Federation had employed a large, imposing man to represent them. Several times United Families International representatives had to block the door to the negotiating room so he would not enter to influence the proceedings.

It was amazing to watch the intimidation tactics that were used in an attempt to force small countries, who want to protect families and the unborn child, to change their votes. It was apparent that the European Union and the United States were attempting to use various persuasive means to convince smaller, pro-family countries to join them in supporting abortion language. One delegate from a small country told us that he finally yelled at the other delegates, “I cannot join you! It would go against the instructions from my capital! It would go against ideals of the people in my country! And, it would go against my own personal beliefs! I will not change my vote!” This brave delegate continued to stand strong despite the agonizing, tortuous attacks he was getting. At times, he came out of the room to talk to us and to vent his feelings before going back in to face the opposition again.

During the two weeks of CSW, we saw many delegates abandon the principles of their country and their citizens. We saw delegates fawning over the EU and the US in an attempt to gain favor and money from them by supporting their ideas. We also saw delegates who came from small countries stand up against the tidal wave of pressure that was exerted against them.

The Commission on the Status of Women lasts for two weeks. It is hard to believe that in two weeks so much can happen that affects families. There were many tears shed at the conclusion. It is wonderful to know that because a small group of pro-family organizations teamed up with a small group of pro-family delegates, the family was protected one more time.

Now it is time for you to do as did these brave delegates. Now is the time for families to stand strong just as the delegates did this week. Now is the time for you to commit to the importance of families. Please show your commitment and support for what was accomplished by making a donation of $25, $35, $50, $100 or $200. We will continue to fight for your family with your help. Show us that the work we are doing is important to you.

Thank you for your support. It was for your family that we worked so hard and slept so little.

Beverly Rice, UFI President

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