Demographic Winter

Demographic Winter

What would you do if you knew your family line would cease to exist… not at some distant point in time, but in the foreseeable future? What would you do if a human genocide was taking place RIGHT NOW, right under your nose, in countries around the world and RIGHT HERE in the United States?

If after viewing Demographic Winter you agree that it is the most authoritative and shocking thing that you have seen; and if you agree that it must be shared with your friends, your family members, the people who go to your church and your neighbors, then CLICK HERE to have the full length hour-long DVD delivered directly to you!

Please watch this trailer to Demographic Winter.


What Others Are Saying About Demographic Winter

“Demographic Winter is a strong wake up call to most people.  It dispels common misconceptions that overpopulation is a viable concern.  Only by educating ourselves as to the seriousness of Demographic Winter can we  raise our voice of warning to others.  Take the time to watch and learn from this incredibly well done documentary.  When you do, you will be compelled to share it with others.  Help United Families International spread this important message!  Help us preserve a future for families!”
Carol Soelberg
United Families International

“Demographic Winter is a timely account of a crisis we cannot ignore. The loss of confidence and the decline of faith that afflict much of the West are leaving us with empty cradles and emptier hearts. This film is a call to recover the family so that we can renew our future.”
Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

“Demographic Winter is a wake-up call for the pro-family movement. The worldwide fall of birthrates is one of the most pressing problems confronting humanity. Watching this DVD (and sharing it with others) is a necessary first step to finding solutions.”

Paul Weyrich
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation

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