Will Same-Sex Couples Save Marriage?

Will Same-Sex Couples Save Marriage?

“The traditional American marriage is in crisis, and we need insight,” one author has said. “If innovation in marriage is going to occur, it will be spearheaded by homosexual marriages.”

It seems they’re doing just that.

Homosexual couples, the world over, have found an “innovative” way to make marriage happier and last longer. In fact, the idea is so revolutionary that The New York Times recently ran a story about it.

The Gay Couples Study (cited in the story) has followed 556 male couples for three years — about 50 percent of those surveyed have sex outside their relationships, with the knowledge and approval of their partners.

I know, it doesn’t seem like a good idea, but keep reading.

The study found open gay couples just as happy in their relationships as pairs in sexually exclusive unions… A different study, published in 1985, concluded that open gay relationships actually lasted longer.

Now does it sound so bad?

Well, the writer left out some details.

The longest relationship of any couple cited in the article began in 2002, and, oh yeah, according to studies done in 2003, the average length of homosexual relationships was 18 months. I guess that wasn’t worth mentioning.

You might say, “But homosexual couples might not have adopted this ‘open’ relationship idea until recently.” That’d be wrong.

In a study of 156 long-term homosexual relationships done in 1997, not one of the 156 couples was able to maintain sexual fidelity for more than five years, and most maintained a monogamous relationship for less than one year.

This isn’t a new idea; it’s just never been cast in such a good light.

This article is a reminder that the adoption of same-sex marriage into our culture is not just welcoming homosexual couples into our monogamous tradition, it’s a step towards destroying monogamy altogether.

Especially if heterosexual couples start taking unsound marriage advice.

  • Jan
    Posted at 05:19h, 10 February

    The title of this article made me laugh! “Are you kidding me? Even a child born today knows the homosexual agenda is just bad for our society period!

  • charles
    Posted at 12:37h, 11 February

    Thanks to UFI the truth comes out. Of course no promiscuous couple gay or straight can argue their case when the topic of fidelity and abstinence is brought up. So all you folks who choose to abstain and be faithful to your spouse, you folks are saving marriage and are saving the world!

  • Doug Grow
    Posted at 20:16h, 11 February

    Our world has gone completely nuts. The cheese has officially fallen off it’s cracker.

  • Greg
    Posted at 12:33h, 12 February

    A step towards destroying monogamy altogether? Haven’t heterosexuals been doing that for decades. Really since the dawn of time?

    Here’s a simple fact. There will always be promiscuous straight people and monogamous straight people just as there will always be promiscuous gay people and (yes) monogamous gay people.

    If you want to go after the real danger to marriage, go after divorce since that’s where the problem really lies. Oh, and the two minute quickie Brittany Spears marriages in Las Vegas.

  • United Families International
    Posted at 00:59h, 13 February

    Greg, you’re certainly right that promiscuity isn’t going away any time soon among heterosexuals. But the statistics show a dramatic difference in the percentage of promiscuous heterosexual couples in comparison to homosexual couples. Statistics show that about 80 percent of married heterosexual couples maintain fidelity in comparison to (depending on the study) very few homosexual couples (these studies refer to gay couples, which are less monogamous than lesbian couples).

    It’s true that heterosexuals are having a hard enough time maintaining strong marriages, so why fan the fire? Social Science proves the necessity of stable families, there’s no reason to encourage more instability.

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