Teach your children or come election day . . .

Teach your children or come election day . . .

We reported last week that the signature drive to overturn California’s Prop 8 had failed.  Gay activists had hoped to place on the November 2010 ballot a measure that would repeal Prop 8.  For now the California state constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman is safe, but rest assured that homosexual activists have not given up.

There were many reasons why the signature drive failed:  they couldn’t reach the needed 695,000 signature mark in time, funding dried up, fear that there could be a conservative backlash against Obama and his fellow democrats, etc. But one of the reasons is extremely sobering.  Activists believe that by waiting until November 2012, when they definitely will put a measure on the ballot, they will have thousands more young people who will have become registered voters who will help them overturn California’s Prop 8.

In schools all over the country and especially in liberal states like Massachusetts and California, our children are being indoctrinated to accept homosexual behavior and lifestyles as normal.  They are being taught to believe that those who oppose same-sex marriage are discriminatory, hateful, and bigoted or at the very least they are unsophisticated and out-of-touch.  Popular culture and media are spreading the same message.

Our children do not understand the crucial and fundamental nature of marriage.  They certainly are not going to get the message from their school.  You need to be regularly having that conversation and teaching them that society and government have supported man/woman marriage because of its essential ability to bear and most effectively rear the next generation.  If you need additional materials and social science data to support your position, please take the time to familiarize yourself with UFI’s Guides to Family Issues.

Please have the conversations about the destructive nature of homosexual behavior and the importance of one man and one woman marriage and have them often.  Support those conversations with empirical data if you must, but please do it.  Otherwise, each May and June our high schools will turn out a new crop of indoctrinated young people with power not only to alter the future of California, but the entire country.

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